The meaning of 'our values' in the aftermath of terrorist attacks

​In a new article published in Migration Studies, Rojan Tordhol Ezzati examines expressions of unity through value-talk after terrorism in Norway (2011) and France (2015). The analysis examines television news in the two countries and shows that the way national leaders talk about 'our values' can either underline unity or further underline conflict.

Successful Master's Thesis Defense by Erlend Lunde Colleuille

Erlend Lunde Colleuille has successfully defended his thesis "An Impossible Balancing Act. France and the Lebanese Civil War, 1975-1982".

Congratulations, Erlend!

COVID-19: Individual Duties and Collective Action - Funding in Place

How to better understand the relationship between individual duties and collective action in response to large-scale societal challenges.

Congratulations to Simon Reid-Henry and his team for funding from the Research Council of Norway for the three-year project CO-DUTIES: Democratic Duties, Collective Action, and the Greater Good after COVID-19. In addition to Simon, the project will include PRIO researchers Maria G. Jumbert, Kristiffor Lidén and Kristin B. Sandvik, as well as researchers at the Univeristy of Oslo, Queen Mary University of London and University of London Institute in Paris. The project plans to start up in July 2021.

The INSPIRE Project: Starting Fieldwork in Two Sites

​​Fieldwork for WP4 led by Katarzyna Grabska: Artists in Exile, has started in two sites in Switzerland and France.

New Book on Basque Nationhood

Edited by Pedro Ibarra Güell and Åshild Kolås, Basque Nationhood Towards a Democratic Scenario is now out on Peter Lang International Academic Publishers​​.​​

Debates about Basque self-determination were curtailed for decades by political violence, involving both the actions of ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) and the counter-terrorism activities of Spain and France. In 2011, ETA announced a permanent cessation of operations. Since then, the stakeholders have become increasingly aware of the need to rethink Basque nationhood and democratic representation in light of the changing nature of nationhood and citizenship within the European Union. These issues are also important in the French Basque country, which has witnessed a re-emergence of Basque identity politics in recent years.

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