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Stein Tønnesson

Stein Tønnesson

Research Professor


Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Thee, Marek (1979) Red East in Conflict: The China/Indochina Wars, Journal of Peace Research 16(2): 93–100.
Thee, Marek (1979) The China - Vietnam - Indochina Conflict. The Search for Solutions, Alternatives 5(3): 351–367.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Thee, Marek (1979) Det røde Østen i konflikt. Krigen mellom Kina/Indokina, Kontur 3(3): 10–16.

Blog Posts

Can the East Asian Peace Survive?

Posted by Stein Tønnesson on Thursday, 11 May 2017

Uncertainty concerning President Donald Trump’s China and North Korea policies have instilled new fears of war in East Asia, a region that has enjoyed a surprising level of peace for almost four decades. Yet, if China treats Trump with care, the region may remain peaceful. The text in this post ... Read more »