J. Peter Burgess

Research Professor & Editor of Security Dialogue

J. Peter Burgess
J. Peter Burgess left PRIO in 2015. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Research Interests

• The ethical implications of security and insecurity
• Non-conventional security threats and the new cultural of insecurity
• The social determination of risk
• Revising NATO's strategic concept
• Philosophy of value
• Europe as moral community
• The Globalisation of European security identity


​​​​​​J. Peter Burgess is the Series Editor for the PRIO New Security Studies.

Languages spoken:

English, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, Dutch

Working experience:

• 2001 - 2015: Research Professor, PRIO
• 2004 - 2011: Programme Leader, Security Programme, PRIO
• 2001 - 2013: Editor, Security Dialogue
• 2007- Adjunct Professor, Risk psychology, University of Trondheim.
• 2006-2007 Guest Professor, Institut d'études politiques de Paris
• 2004 Professor, cultural studies and philosophy, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo
• 2000-2001 Associate Professor, Cultural History, Volda College
• 1998-2001 Senior Researcher, PRIO (20%)
• 1999-2000 Jean Monnet Fellow, Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI, Florence
• 1998-1999 Jean Monnet Fellow, Dept. of History & Civilisation, EUI, Florence
• 1997-1998 Research Fellow, Volda College


• Ph.D., Universite Francois Rabelais de Tours (2010)

• D.E.A., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris (1991)

• City University of New York (1989)

• M.Phil. Columbia University (1989)

• Freie Universität, Berlin (1987-88)

• Université de Paris VII (1986-87)

• M.A., University of Chicago (1986)

• B.A., University of Iowa (1984)

• B.S., University of Colorado (1983)​

Research Groups

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Recent publications

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Burgess, J. Peter; Owen Taylor & Uttam Sinha (2013) Human securitization of water? A case study of the Indus Basin Waters, Cambridge Review of International Affairs. DOI: 10.1080/09557571.2013.7997391–26.
Burgess, J. Peter; & Costas M. Constantinou (2013) New Middle East, new insecurities and the limits of liberation geography, Security Dialogue 44(5): 365–373.
Burgess, J. Peter (2012) Value, security and temporality in Nietzsche's critique of modernity, Sociological Review 60(40): 696–714.
Burgess, J. Peter (2012) Modernité et obsolescence du concept de sécurité énergétique , Cahiers De La Sécurité 2129–38.
Boy, Nina;Burgess, J. Peter; & Leander, Anna (2011) The Global Governance of Finance and Security: Introduction to the Special Issue , Security Dialogue 42(2): 115–122.
Burgess, J. Peter; & Tadjbakhsh, Shahrbanou (2010) The Human Security Tale of Two Europes , Global Society 24(4): 135–151.
Burgess, J. Peter (2009) There is No European Security, Only European Securities , Cooperation and Conflict 44(3): 309–328.
Burgess, J. Peter; & Begby, Endre (2009) Human Security and Liberal Peace , Public Reason 1(1): 45–57.
Burgess, J. Peter (2009) The New Nomos of Europe , Geopolitics 14(1): 135–160.


Burgess, J. Peter (2011) The Ethical Subject of Security: Geopolitical Rationality and the Threat against Europe. : Routledge. PRIO New Security Studies.

Book Chapter

Burgess, J. Peter (2013) Learning to be Norwegian: Nationbuilding as cultural pedagogy in Aasen, Kristvik, Helenes and Slagstad, in Hyvik, Jens Johan; & Stephen Walton, eds, 'Der Var Ruskut Å Leggja Utpå'. Ti År Med Mastergraden I Nynorsk Skriftkultur. Oslo: Novus Forlag (55–82).
Burgess, J. Peter (2013) The Discourse of Justice in Political, Legal and Moral Community, in Jean-Christophe Merle, ed., Spheres of Global Justice. Saarbrücken: Springer (501–514).
Burgess, J. Peter(2011) Kulturfestung Europa. Über die Notwendigkeit und Unmöglichkeit Europäer, zu sein [On the Necessity and Impossibility of being a European] Europe: Insights from the In- and Outside. : Zentrum Für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft.
Gräns, Jonas; & Burgess, J. Peter(2011) Human Security Contemporary Security and Strategy. : Palgrave Macmillan(89–105).
Burgess, J. Peter; & Gutwirth, Serge(2011) Introduction: Security, Migration and Integration Europe Under Threat? Security, Immigration, Integration. : VUB Press(13–15).
Burgess, J. Peter (2010) Introduction to New Security Studies , in Burgess, J. Peter, ed., Routledge Handbook of New Security Studies . (3–13).
Burgess, J. Peter; & Rodin, David(2008) The Role of Law, Ethics and Justice in Security Practices : .

Edited Volume

Burgess, J. Peter; & Serge Gutwirth, eds, (2011) Europe under Threat? Security, Immigration, Integration. Brussels: VUB Press.
Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (2010) Routledge Handbook of New Security Studies. London.
Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (2009) The Geopolitics of American Insecurity. Terror, Power and Foreign Policy. London, New York. PRIO New Security Studies.
Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (2006) Europeisk identitet / L'identité européenne [European Identity]. Oslo. Tankens uavhengighet I.
Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (2003) Den norske pastorale opplysningen. Nye perspektiver på norsk nasjonsbygging på 1800-tallet. Oslo.
Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (2003) Museum Europa: The European Cultural Heritage between Economics and Politics. Kristiansand.
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Burgess, J. Peter (ed.) (1997) Cultural Politics and Political Culture in Postmodern Europe. Amsterdam/Atlanta. Postmodern Studies.

Non-refereed Journal Article

Burgess, J. Peter (2010) La nouvelle éthique politique de l'insécurité [The New Political Ethics of Insecurity] , Ethique Et Économie 7(2): .

Popular Article

Pettersen, Kenneth & J. Peter Burgess (2013) Angerens politikk er ingen garanti, Aftenposten.
Burgess, J. Peter (2010) Norge ute av takt med NATO [Norway Out of Sync with NATO], Dagbladet, 14 January.
Burgess, J. Peter (2009) The Future of Europe, XING Magazin, 1 March.

Conference Paper

Jacobsen, Elida Kristine Undrum & J. Peter Burgess (2013) Desirable surveillance? studying norms and values in the Indian national biometric ID scheme, presented at 54th International Studies Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, 03.04.13 – 06.04.13.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security in the Clouds, presented at Future Internet, , 15 December.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Sécurité européenne, enjeux internationaux [European Security, International Stakes], presented at Facultés universitaires de Notre Dame de la Paix, , 16 December.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security 2.0: Beyond Biometric Personhood, presented at Governance and Ethics of Emerging ICT and Security Technologies, , 18 November.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security Culture and the EU Internal Security Strategy, presented at The Future of the EU’s Integrated Border Management Strategy, , 5 October.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 The Time of Security, presented at ECPR Standing Group on International Relations, , 10 September.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Research Needs in Societal Security and the Findings of ESRIF, presented at Workshop on 'Societal Security' R&D: Lessons Learnt, Gaps and Future Needs in 'Societal Security' Research, , 1 July.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security as a Prerequisite for Prosperity , presented at EU Security Research Conference, , 15 September.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Societal Security in Security R & D, presented at 'Societal Security' in Research & Development, , 1 July.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Human Security: The New Panacea and its Political Usages, presented at New Forms of Security Threats and Challenges in the Arab World, , 24 June.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 The Fragile Subject of Security: Butler’s Theory of Vulnerability, presented at New Landscapes of Justice and Security, , 17 June.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Sicherheitskultur und die interne Sicherheitsstrategie [Security Culture and the Internal Security Strategy], presented at Zivil-militärisches Zusammenwirken im Krisen- und Katastrophenmanagement, , 6 May.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Surveillance and Security, presented at Surveillance Studies Annual Conference, , 16 April.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Privacy and Border Security, presented at Border Management Forum, , 16 April.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Perceptions of Value and Insecurity, presented at RIPENSA workshop, , 8 April.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security and the Essence of Values: The Nietzschean Moment, presented at The Biopolitics of Values, , 4 February.
Burgess, J. Peter 2010 Security, Value and Subjectivity: The Nietzschean Moment, presented at Biopolitics of Value, , 14 January.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 The Time of Security: From Preventive to Pre-emptive Security Economies, presented at CHALLENGE Concluding Conference, , 18 May.
Burgess, J. Peter;Owen, Taylor; & Sinha, Uttam 2009 The Culture of Water in the Indus Water Treaty, presented at 7th International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Environmental Change, , 29 April.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 Value Premises for a European Political Community, presented at UACES Working Group on Values and the EU, , 24 April.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 The EU in 2020, presented at Extra Europe, , 21 March.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 Interior and exterior aspects of border security, presented at INEX-FRONTEX workshop, , 25 February.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 Insecurities of Privacy, presented at 50th Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, , 18 February.
Burgess, J. Peter 2009 Ethical Aspects of Counter-terrorism, presented at Transnational Terrorism, Security and the Rule of Law, , 5 February.

PRIO Policy Brief

Burgess, J. Peter (2012) The Societal Impact of Security Research, PRIO Policy Brief, 9. Oslo: PRIO.
Burgess, J. Peter & Sissel Haugdal Jore (2008) The Influence of Globalization on Societal Security: The International Setting, PRIO Policy Brief, 3. Oslo: PRIO.
Burgess, J. Peter & Sissel Haugdal Jore (2008) The Influence of Globalization on Societal Security: The Norwegian Context, PRIO Policy Brief, 4. Oslo: PRIO.
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Burgess, J. Peter & Naima Mouhleb (2007) A Presentation of the State of Societal Security in Norway, PRIO Policy Brief, 9. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

Burgess, J. Peter (2010) Societal Security in Security Research and Development, Brief, : .

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