Kelly Fisher

Research Assistant


Kelly is a Research Assistant, where he is interested in looking at the gendered implications and impacts of a variety of topics including, violence, extremism, emerging technologies, and migration. Kelly received his Master's in Gender Studies at the University of Oslo and wrote his thesis in collaboration with PRIO. His thesis focused on the role of gender and masculinities in shaping Polish men's migration process living in Oslo.  

Kelly received his BA in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016.  Following graduation, he spent two years working on the U.S.-Mexico border at a Border Studies education center, and the year 2018-2019 living in Norway, as a Fulbright Grantee. 


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Elvebakken, Johanne Rokke & Kelly Fisher (2020) PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update - June 2020, PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update, 2020: PRIO.