​​​​​​​The humanitarian enterprise currently finds itself at a crossroads. At the tail end of armed international engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is increasingly also faced with new types of emergencies related to climate change, urbanization, and shifting geopolitical dynamics. What is the future of the humanitarian system in light of these challenges? This is the most basic research question that occupies us. Answering it requires investigations into humanitarianism's current character, how it is changing, and how it ought to change. 

PRIO and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies: Round Table on Islamic Social Finance for Sustainable Development
HumBORDER project wrap-up: Humanitarian borders from 2015 to 2022

The HumBORDER project held its closing seminar on 1-2 December 2022 at PRIO. Looking back at the humanitarian borders of Europe from 2015-2022 the first part of the seminar assessed different manifestations and dynamics of these borders. 

ALNAP’s State of the Humanitarian System 2022 Report Released

​Report finds ‘Do no digital harm’ has emerged as an important humanitarian imperative, following contributions from PRIO project.

Do No Harm Project Represented at the 15th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

​Kristin Bergtora Sandvik presented her findings under the Do No Harm: Ethical Humanitarian Innovation and Digital Bodies project at the roundtable titled "Humanitarian Design and Making in World Politics."

See below for further details on the session.

Case Brief on Israeli–Palestinian Disagreements over Collective Memory During the Peace Process 1993–2001

​​A case brief just published as part of PRIO's FAIR project examines how the Israeli–Palestinian peace process dealt with radical disagreements over collective memory. It identifies three positions taken towards this specific issue: prescriptive forgetting that avoids the past altogether, strategic forgetting that postpones dealing with it, and transitional justice that recommends addressing it head-on. 

Roundtable with Hugo Slim: The Future of Humanitarian Principles - Recording Now Available

​Will the principle of humanity survive the critique of anthropocentrism and a call for post-humanism? 

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Visits PRIO

On Tuesday, 8 March, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi visited PRIO to participate in a panel discussion. The topic of discussion was how we best respond to global displacement. 

RedLines Project Kick-Off Meeting

​The Red Lines and Grey Zones project has been officially launched with a kick-off meeting on the 1st of March. Please find an introduction to the project presented by Kristoffer Lidén above.

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