South Africa

Ida Rudolfsen (2021)
Fighting For Food? Investigating Food Insecurity as a Source of Urban Unrest

PhD Thesis

Brian Ganson & Kristian Hoelscher (2021)
Theorising MSMEs in Contexts of Urban Violence

Journal Article in Journal of Illicit Economies and Development

Nina Wilén (2020)
Female peacekeepers’ added burden

Journal Article in International Affairs

Lindy Heinecken & Nina Wilén (2019)
No Place Like Home? Postdeployment Reintegration Challenges Facing South African Peacekeepers

Journal Article in Armed Forces & Society

Conflict and Educational Inequality: Evidence from 30 Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Report - External Series

Andrew Linke, Sebastian Schutte & Halvard Buhaug (2015)
Population Attitudes and the Spread of Political Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal Article in International Studies Review

Hanne Fjelde & Gudrun Østby (2014)
Socioeconomic Inequality and Communal Conflict: A Disaggregated Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990–2008

Journal Article in International Interactions

Jørgen Carling (2013)
Survival Migration: Failed Governance and the Crisis of Displacement

Book Review

Katarzyna Grabska (2006)
Marginalization in Urban Spaces of the Global South: Urban Refugees in Cairo

Journal Article in Journal of Refugee Studies

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1991)
Raselover og arven frå apartheid

Book Chapter in Står apartheid for fall?

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1990)
Vald i Sør-Afrika

Popular Article in Hvor hender det?

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1990)
Negotiating Apartheid Away? Constitution-Making, Transition Politics and Conditions for Democracy in South Africa

PRIO Report

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1990)
Vald i Sør-Afrika

Journal Article in Hvor hender det?

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1990)
Mot forhandlinger i Sør-Afrika

Journal Article in Afrikainformasjon

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1988)
The Dynamics of Reform and Repression in the South African Conflict and the Emerging Role of the South African Defence Forces

Book Chapter in A Just Peace through Transformation - Cultural, Economic and Political Foundations for Change

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1981)
Afrikander-nasjonalismens vekst 1934-48. Eit notat om klassegrunnlag, ideologisk orientering og organisatorisk struktur

Book Chapter in Nasjonalisme og nasjonalitet

Elling Njål Tjønneland (1981)
Apartheid under forandring

Journal Article in Den nye verden

Asbjørn Eide (1979)
South Africa: Repression and the Transfer of Arms and Arms Technology

Book Chapter in The World Military Order. the Impact of Military Technology on the Third World

Kjell Skjelsbæk, Helge Semb & Stein Arild Strømme (1977)
Det økonomiske samkvem mellom Sør-Afrika og Norge

Journal Article in Internasjonal Politikk

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