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Wenche Iren Hauge

Wenche Iren Hauge

Senior Researcher


Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Dyrstad, Karin & Helga Malmin Binningsbø (2019) Between Punishment and Impunity: Public Support for Reactions against Perpetrators in Guatemala, Nepal and Northern Ireland, International Journal of Transitional Justice. DOI: 10.1093/ijtj/ijy032: 1–30.
Chaitin, Julia; J. P. Linstroth & Patrick Hiller (2009) Ethnicity and Belonging: An Overview of a Study of Cuban, Haitian and Guatemalan Immigrants to Florida, Forum: Qualitative Social Research 10(3): 1–25.
Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede & Kyle Beardsley (2004) Nosy Neighbors - Third-party Actors in Central American Conflicts, Journal of Conflict Resolution 48(3): 379–402.

Book Chapter

Hauge, Wenche Iren & Beate Thoresen (2008) The Fate of Former Combatants in Guatemala: Spoilers or Agents for Change?, in The Paradoxes of Peacebuilding Post-9/11. Toronto: University of British Colombia Press (210–235).
Hauge, Wenche Iren (2011) Girl Soldiers in Guatemala, in Özerdem, Alpaslan; & Sukanya Podder, eds, Child Soldiers: from Recruitment to Reintegration. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (91–103).
Salvesen, Hilde (2001) Militærets rolle i Guatemala etter fredsavtalen [The Role of the Military in Guatemala after the Peace Agreement], in Guatemala - demokratisering og kulturelt mangfold. Oslo: Norwegian Institute for Human Rights.

PRIO Report

Conference Paper

Dyrstad, Karin & Helga Malmin Binningsbø (2017) Perceptions of transitional justice mechanisms in Guatemala, Nepal, and Northern Ireland, presented at European Consortium of Political Science Conference, Oslo, 7–9 September.

PRIO Policy Brief

Dyrstad, Karin; Helga Malmin Binningsbø; Thandeka Brigham & Kristin M. Bakke (2018) Transitional Justice: What Do the People Want? Views from the ground in Guatemala, Nepal, and Northern Ireland, Conflict Trends, 11. Oslo: PRIO.
Dyrstad, Karin; Helga Malmin Binningsbø; Kristin M. Bakke & Arne Henning Eide (2016) Public Support for Peace Agreements: The Cases of Guatemala, Nepal, and Northern Ireland, Conflict Trends, 5. Oslo: PRIO.