Publications 1996

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

(1996) Review Essay: War Termination , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 491–496.
(1996) The Eritrean-Yemeni Conflict over the Hanish Archipelago: Towards a Resolution Favoring Peace and Nature, Security Dialogue 27(2).
Ackermann, Alice (1996) The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: A Relatively Successful Case of Conflict Prevention in Europe , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Agøy, Nils Ivar (1996) When Officers Need Internal Enemies: Aspects of Civil-Military Relations in Scandinavia Between the World Wars, Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 469–481.
Alfsen, Erik (1996) A Nuclear Weapon Free World, Feasible? Desirable? , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Aliyeva, Leila (1996) Imperial Legacy: Economics and Conflict , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Allsop, Dee;Wilcox, Clyde; & Hewitt, Lara (1996) The Gender Gap in Attitudes Toward the Gulf War? A Cross-National Perspective , Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 67–82.
al-Mani, Saleh A. (1996) Gulf Security and Relations with our Neighbors: A Rejoinder , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Al-Suwaidi, Jamal S. (1996) Gulf Security and the Iranian Challenge , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Andor, L?szl? (1996) Economic Transformation and Political Stability in East Central Europe , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Archer, Clive (1996) The Nordic Area as a 'Zone of Peace', Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 445–467.
Baev, Pavel K. (1996) A New Look at Russia in Transition. Review Essay, Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 371–376.
Baev, Pavel K. (1996) Review Essay: A New Look at Russia in Transition, Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 371–376.
Bailes, Alyson J.K. (1996) The Change in European Security: EU, NATO and Options for Future European Defence Arrangements , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Bailey, Jennifer L. (1996) Focus On: Hot Fish and (Bargaining) Chips , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 257–262.
Bellany, Ian (1996) Defensive Arms and the Security Dilemma: A Cybernetic Approach , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 263–271.
Bøckman, Harald (1996) Informal Chinese Politics: Society in the State, Forum for Development Studies(2).
Bonta, Bruce D. (1996) Conflict Resolution Among Peaceful Societies: The Culture of Peacefulness , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 403–420.
Borawski, John (1996) The OSCE: In Search of Cooperative Security , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
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Carasales, Julio C. (1996) A Surprising About-face: Argentina and the NPT , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Chen, Baizhu;Masroori, Cyrus; & Feng, Yi (1996) Collective Action in the Middle East? A Study of Free-ride in Defense Spending , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 323–339.
Chen, Jian (1996) Understanding the Logic of Beijing's Taiwan Policy , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Dokhanchi, Khalil (1996) Review Essay: US Foreign Policy Towards Rogue States and Weapon Proliferation , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 241–244.
Dorn, A. Walter (1996) Keeping Tabs on a Troubled World. UN Information-Gathering to Preserve Peace , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
ElBaradei, Mohamed (1996) On Compliance with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Obligations , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Forsberg, Tuomas (1996) Explaining Territorial Disputes: From Power Politics to Normative Reasons , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 433–449.
Gartner, Scott Sigmund; & Regan, Patrick M. (1996) Threat and Represssion: The Non-Linear Relationship Between Government and Opposition Violence , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 273–287.
Gates, Scott; Torbjørn L. Knutsen & Jonathon W. Moses (1996) Democracy and Peace: A More Skeptical View, Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 1–10.
Gjeseth, Gullow (1996) Dubious Directory , Security Dialogue 27(1): 105–105.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter (1996) Democracy and Democratization: Not Quite the State of the Art (review of Seymour Martin Lipset, ed. The Encyclopedia of Democracy), Security Dialogue 27(3): 349–354.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter (1996) Democracy and Democratization: Not Quite the State of the Art, Security Dialogue 27(3): 349–351.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter (1996) Det nye sikkerhetsbildet: Mot en demokratisk og fredelig verden?, Internasjonal Politikk 54(3): 291–310.
Goldblat, Jozef (1996) Controversies Over the Planned Enlargement of NATO , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Gowlland-Debbas, Vera (1996) United Nations A-Z , Security Dialogue 27(3): 352–354.
Græger, Nina (1996) Review Essay: Environmental Security?, Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 109–116.
Hanauer, Laurence S. (1996) Tatarstan and the Prospects for Federalism in Russia: A Commentary , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Heo, Uk (1996) The Political Economy of Defense Spending in South Korea , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 483–490.
Herd, Graeme P. (1996) Russian State Duma Elections , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Hermann, Margaret G.; & Kegley, Charles W. (1996) How Democracies Use Intervention: A Neglected Dimension in Studies of the Democratic Peace , Journal of Peace Research 33(3): 309–322.
Herzig, Edmund M. (1996) Iran and Turkey: Between Central Asia and the Arab World , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
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Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1996) Future Visions of the Arab Middle East , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Jakobsen, Peter Viggo (1996) National Interest, Humanitarianism or CNN: What Triggers UN Peace Enforcement After the Cold War? , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 205–215.
Kapopoulos, Panayotis T.;Georgiou, George M.; & Lazaretou, Sophia (1996) Modelling Greek-Turkish Rivalry: An Empirical Investigation of Defence Spending Dynamics , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 229–239.
Kelley, Robert E. (1996) Two Substantially Different Approaches to Proliferation: The Cases of South Africa and Iraq , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Khadduri, Walid (1996) Oil and Politics in the Middle East , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Khakimov, Raphael S. (1996) Prospects of Federalism in Russia: A View from Tatarstan , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Kibaroglu, Mustafa (1996) Impact of the Northern Tier on the Middle East: A Rejoinder , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Kien-hong Yu, Peter (1996) Chinese Re-unification: Opening a Window of Opportunity , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Kimche, David (1996) The Arab-Israeli Peace Process , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Knox, Colin; & Hughes, Joanne (1996) Crossing the Divide: Community Relations in Northern Ireland , Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 83–98.
Kolås, Åshild (1996) Tibetan Nationalism: The Politics of Religion , Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 51–66.
Kollias, Christos G. (1996) The Greek-Turkish Conflict and Greek Military Expenditure 1960-92 , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 217–228.
Kostecki, Wojciech (1996) Political Stability - No Simple Formula , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Kristensen, Hans M.; & Handler, Joshua M. (1996) The USA and Counterproliferation: A New and Dubious Role for US Nuclear Weapons , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Lejins, Atis (1996) Latvian Security Challenges in 1996 , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Li, Rex (1996) The Taiwan Strait Crisis and the Future of China-Taiwan Relations , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Likhotal, Alexander (1996) On the Way to Democracy , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Linn, Ruth (1996) When the Individual Soldier Says 'No' to War: A Look at Selective Refusal During the Intifada , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 421–431.
Lock, Peter (1996) On Arms Industry , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Lodgaard, Sverre (1996) The Crisis of Multilateralism, Security Dialogue 27(3).
Maresca, John J. (1996) Why an OSCE Role in the Caucasus , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
McSweeney, Bill (1996) Security, Identity and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Meernik, James (1996) United States Military Intervention and the Promotion of Democracy , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 391–402.
Mihalka, Michael (1996) Mostar, The Muslim-Croat Federation and Bosnia , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Nevin, John A. (1996) War Initiation and Selection by Consequences , Journal of Peace Research 33(1): 99–108.
Norris, Robert S. (1996) French and Chinese Nuclear Weapon Testing , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Ogunbanwo, Sola (1996) The Treaty of Pelindaba: Africa is Nuclear Weapon-Free , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Öövel, Andrus (1996) Estonian Defence Policy, NATO and the European Union , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Osaghae, Eghosa E. (1996) Human Rights and Ethnic Conflict Management: The Case of Nigeria , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 171–188.
Ostermann, Änne;Krell, Gert; & Nicklas, Hans (1996) Immigration, Asylum, and Anti-Foreigner Violence in Germany , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 153–170.
Østerud, Øyvind & Dan Smith (1996) Nasjonalstat, nasjonalisme og politisk identitet: En skisse til forskningsagenda, Internasjonal Politikk 54(4): 435–455.
Østerud, Øyvind (1996) Antinomies of Post-Modernism in International Studies , Journal of Peace Research 33(4): 385–390.
Payne, Rodger A. (1996) Focus On: Deliberating Global Environmental Politics , Journal of Peace Research 33(2): 129–136.
Pearson, Graham S. (1996) Responding to the Threat of Biological Weapons: An Alternative View , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
Phelan, Donna (1996) The Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control , Security Dialogue 27(4): .
Phillips, David L. (1996) Preventive Diplomacy in the Balkans , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
Poku, Nana; & Pettiford, Lloyd (1996) Practice and Theory in the Security Debate , Security Dialogue 27(3): .
Prawitz, Jan (1996) A Nuclear-Free Zone from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea , Security Dialogue 27(2): .
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Vilén, Heikki (1996) Planning of a Peace-keeping Mission for the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict , Security Dialogue 27(1): .
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Book Chapter

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Edited Volume

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Non-refereed Journal Article

(1996) Political Islam and Conflict in Egypt, Midøsten Forum 10.
(1996) Sem' variantov. Zametki o vykhode iz chechenskogo krizisa, Svobodnaja misl (Free Thought)(5): 43–55.
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PRIO Report

Tishkov, Valery (1996) Explaining and Categorizing the Chechen War, PRIO Report, 3. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

(1996) Conflicts in the Caucasus.
(1996) Politics and Personalities: Kay Actors in the Russian Opposition.
Cappelen, Ådne; Olav Bjerkholt; Nils Petter Gleditsch; J. Paul Dunne; & Ron P. Smith (1996) The Peace Dividend. Contributions to Economic Analysis, 235Amsterdam.

Report - External Series

Harpviken, Kristian Berg (1996) Political Mobilization among the Hazara of Afghanistan: 1978-1992, Rapportserien ved Sosiologi, UiO, 9. Oslo: Department of Sociology, University of Oslo.