Publications 1999

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Peer-reviewed Journal Article

(1999) Ethnic Conflicts in the Former USSR: The Use and Misuse of Typologies and Data , Journal of Peace Research 36(5): 571–591.
(1999) Inheriting the Soviet Policy Toolbox: Russia's Dilemma Over Ascriptive Nationality, Europe-Asia Studies 51(6): 1069–87.
Anderson, Mary B.; & Bock, Joseph G. (1999) Dynamite under the Inter-Communal Bridge: How Can Aid Agencies Help Defuse It? , Journal of Peace Research 36(3): 325–338.
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Azar, Fabiola;Mullet, Etienne; & Vinsonneau, Geneviève (1999) Propensity to Forgive: Findings from Lebanon , Journal of Peace Research 36(2): .
Barbieri, Katherine; & Levy, Jack S. (1999) Sleeping with the Enemy: The Impact of War on Trade , Journal of Peace Research 36(4): 463–479.
Barbieri, Katherine; & Schneider, Gerald (1999) Globalization and Peace: Assessing New Directions in the Study of Trade and Conflict , Journal of Peace Research 36(4): 387–404.
Bellany, Ian (1999) Modelling War , Journal of Peace Research 36(6): 729–739.
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Biserko, Sonja (1999) Serbia: Dictatorship, Implosion or Recovery? , Security Dialogue 30(3): 289–290.
Blakkisrud, Helge (1999) OSCE Disapproves 'the Most Democratic Elections Ever' in Azerbaijan , Security Dialogue 30(1): 126–128.
Blanton, Shannon Lindsey (1999) Instruments of Security or Tools of Regression? Arms Imports and Human Rights Conditions in Developing Countries , Journal of Peace Research 36(2): 233–244.
Brzoska, Michael (1999) Military Conversion: The Balance Sheet , Journal of Peace Research 36(2): .
Carasales, Julio C. (1999) Nuclear Tension: Lessons for South Asia to Learn from South America , Security Dialogue 30(3): 381–382.
Chalmers, Malcolm (1999) 'Bombs Away'? Britain and Nuclear Weapons under New Labour , Security Dialogue 30(1): 61–74.
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Cloughley, Brian (1999) Violence in Kashmir , Security Dialogue 30(2): 225–238.
Contreras Q., Carlos (1999) Interstate Relations in Latin America , Security Dialogue 30(2): 239–246.
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Dahl, Hans Fredrik (1999) Propaganda: The Particular, Official and Critical Art of Persuasion , Security Dialogue 30(2): 247–248.
David, Charles-Philippe (1999) Does Peacebuilding Build Peace? Liberal (Mis)steps in the Peace Process , Security Dialogue 30(1): 25–41.
de Soysa, Indra; & John R. Oneal (1999) Boon or Bane? Reassessing the Effects of Foreign Capital on Economic Growth, American Sociological Review 64(5): 766–782.
Dorussen, Han (1999) Balance of Power Revisited: A Multi-Country Model of Trade and Conflict , Journal of Peace Research 36(4): 443–462.
Druckman, Daniel; & Mooradian, Moorad (1999) Hurting Stalemate or Mediation? The Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, 1990-95 , Journal of Peace Research 36(6): 709–727.
Dyson, Graham (1999) Pristina: A Weary Community Exhausted by Conflict and International Scrutiny , Security Dialogue 30(2): 249–252.
Eide, Espen Barth (1999) Intervening Without the UN: A Rejoinder , Security Dialogue 30(1): 91–94.
Enterline, Andrew J.; & Crescenzi, Mark J. (1999) Ripples from the Waves? A Systematic, Time-series Analysis of Democracy, Democratization, and Interstate War , Journal of Peace Research 36(1): 75–94.
Fox, Jonathan (1999) The Influence of Religious Legitimacy on Grievance Formation by Ethno-religious Minorities , Journal of Peace Research 36(3): 289–307.
Gallagher, Tom (1999) The West and the Challenge to Ethnic Politics in Romania , Security Dialogue 30(3): 293–304.
Gates, Scott; Håvard Hegre; Håvard Hegre; & Scott Gates (1999) Evolution in Democracy-War Dynamics, Journal of Conflict Resolution 43(6): 771–792.
Gibler, Douglas M. (1999) East or Further East? , Journal of Peace Research 36(6): 627–637.
Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede; & Ward, Michael D. (1999) A Revised List of Independent States since 1816 , International Interactions 25(4): 393–413.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter; & Nils Petter Gleditsch (1999) Do Open Windows Encourage Conflict? Opening statement at the dissertation defense of Björn Holmberg, Uppsala University, 26 May 1998, Statsvetenskapeligt Tidskrift 102(3): 303–318.
Gleditsch, Nils Petter; Ranveig Gissinger; Nils Petter Gleditsch; & Ranveig Gissinger (1999) Globalization and Conflict: Welfare, Distribution, and Political Unrest, Journal of World-Systems Research 5(2): 274–300.
Goldblat, Jozef (1999) Anti-Personnel Mines: From Mere Restrictions to a Total Ban , Security Dialogue 30(1): 9–23.
Goldblat, Jozef (1999) The Balkan Imbroglio: A Way to Solve the Problem , Security Dialogue 30(3): 383–383.
Gow, James (1999) Montenegro Where to Take the Fight? , Security Dialogue 30(3): 287–288.
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Herd, Graeme P. (1999) Russia's Baltic Policy After the Meltdown , Security Dialogue 30(2): 197–212.
Herd, Graeme P. (1999) Russia's Systemic Collapse: From Federation to Confederation? , Journal of Peace Research 36(3): 259–269.
Irwin, Colin (1999) The People's Peace Process: Northern Ireland and the Role of Public Opinion Polls in Political Negotiations , Security Dialogue 30(3): 305–317.
Jacobsen, Carl Gustav (1999) Kosovo/a Crisis: A Case of Conflicting Principles and Agendas , Security Dialogue 30(1): 119–122.
Karaosmanoglu, Ali L. (1999) NATO Enlargement and the South: A Turkish Perspective , Security Dialogue 30(2): 213–224.
Keith, Linda Camp (1999) The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Does It Make a Difference in Human Rights Behavior? , Journal of Peace Research 36(1): 95–118.
Komlev, Vladimir (1999) Burying Nuclear Waste in Northwestern Russia , Security Dialogue 30(3): 383–384.
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Medvedev, Sergei (1999) Russia as the Subconsciousness of Finland , Security Dialogue 30(1): 95–107.
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Roe, Paul (1999) The Intra-State Security Dilemma: Ethnic Conflict as a Tragedy , Journal of Peace Research 36(2): 183–202.
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Sergounin, Alexander A. (1999) The 1998 Election Campaign in Nizhny Novgorod: Lessons to Learn , Security Dialogue 30(1): 124–126.
Seul, Jeffrey R. (1999) 'Ours is the Way of God': Religion, Identity, and Intergroup Conflict , Journal of Peace Research 36(5): 553–569.
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Woodward, Susan L. (1999) Should We Think Before We Leap? A Rejoinder , Security Dialogue 30(3): 277–281.
Zhao, Suisheng (1999) China's Periphery Policy and Its Asian Neighbors , Security Dialogue 30(3): 335–346.

PhD Thesis

Hegre, Håvard; & Håvard Hegre (1999) The Limits of the Liberal PeaceOslo.


Lumpe, Lora (1999) Small Arms Control: Old Weapons, New Issues. : .
McDermott, Anthony; & Anthony McDermott (1999) The New Politics of Financing the UN. New York.
Smith, Dan; & Dan Smith (1999) The State of the World Atlas. London & New York.

Book Chapter

Baev, Pavel K.; & Pavel K. Baev (1999) International Interventions in Secessionist Conflicts in Europe in the 1990s, in Sovereign Intervention. PRIO Report 2/99. .
Baev, Pavel K.; & Pavel K. Baev (1999) Regionalisation of the Federal Power Structures, in Moscov, the Regions and Russia's Foreign Policy (Report E103). (5–16).
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Gleditsch, Nils Petter(1999) Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Information, and National Security: The Case of Norway Secrecy and Liberty. : (361–388).
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Tunander, Ola; & Ola Tunander (1999) NATOs upphävande av den suveräna nationalstaten?, in (96–98).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Baev, Pavel K. (1999) Why are the Russian "Power Structures" Falling Apart So Slowly?, Perspectives (13): 91–104.
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PRIO Report

Gleditsch, Nils Petter (1999) To Cultivate Peace - Agriculture in a World of Conflict, PRIO Report, 1. Oslo: PRIO.
McDermott, Anthony (1999) Sovereign Intervention, PRIO Report, 2. Oslo: PRIO.
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Report - External Series

Baev, Pavel K. (1999) Russian military development: 'Muddle through' from 1992 to 1998 and beyond, FFI Rapport, : .
Tank, Pinar (1999) Understanding Turkey's Kurdish Dilemma, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 7. Oslo.

Book Review

Baev, Pavel K.; & Pavel K. Baev (1999) Review of Chechnya: Tombstone of Russian Power (Anatol Lieven), in Slavic Review 58(3): 707–708.