Conflict Patterns

What are the trends in conflict?

Is the world becoming more peaceful? The overarching goal of all peace research, including PRIO, is to promote this trend. It is therefore not surprising that PRIO is engaged in tracking conflict trends. For a large number of trends, the current statistics convey a very pleasant result: The world getting more peaceful!

The Conflict Patterns group is:

  • Collecting data on political violence in many different forms and shapes. Our aim is to both update existing numbers and discover new concepts of political violence that should be tracked
  • Analyzing and discussing external data sources. PRIOs rather unique mix of researchers from different subjects assure a healthy combination of perspectives and methods
  • Thinking forward! What are the key obstacles to peace on earth, and how might we best understand what direction these obstacles might be developing? And, crucially, examining whether we can, effectively, interfere positively in these processes.
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