Studying security, armed conflict and peace

Producing its first papers on women's participation for peace and feminism in the early 1980s, PRIO's research on gender has a long tradition. PRIO has since become a hub of research on gender and Women, Peace and Security in Norway with an international outreach studying various forms of gender aspects related to security, armed conflict dynamics, and conflict resolution. Reflecting PRIO's inter-disciplinary and multi-method approach, our research spans across all Research Departments.

Contributing to progress, journals hosted at PRIO have been arenas for publishing novel research on gender. Notably, already in 2000, the Journal of Peace Research released one of the first quantitative articles on gender equality and political violence ever published. Security Dialogue had a special issue dedicated to gender and security as early as 2004. In addition to research, PRIO researchers are engaged in teaching, training, and policy support on gender and on Women, Peace and Security.

The aim of the Gender Research Group is to contribute to further strengthen PRIO's profile. This is an effort conducted in close collaboration with the PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Center where we mutually reinforce each other's effort in this research field.

In addition to external events and outreach activities, the research group and the center organize internal research seminars together. In 2021, these included:

  • February 23: Norway in the UN Security Council 2021-22: Impact, Ethics, and PRIO research. With Torunn Tryggestad and Louise Olsson.
  • March 22: Women Empowered By War. Paper presentation by Erik Melander (paper written together with Jenniina Kotajoki).
  • April 23: Minors in Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Processes (DDR) – The Gender Dimension. Research presentation by Wenche Hauge.
  • May 21: Inclusive power sharing arrangements and female inclusiveness in post-conflict environments: a quantitative research and multi-model approach. MA Thesis presentation by Natalie Azba.
  • June 7: UN Peacekeeping reform processes and PRIO experts and research. Presentations by Kristin Lund, Louise Olsson, Ida Rødningen and Nora Stai. Jointly organized with the Peacebuilding Research Group.
  • September 2: Masculinity, Peace and Conflict: Why does it matter to PRIO research? Research presentation by Jacqui True.
  • September 8: Exploring the conditions of gender provisions implementation: A case study of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro in the Philippines. Paper presentation by Juan Diego Duque-Salazar and Louise Olsson (paper written with Erika Forsberg).

Planned for the Autumn of 2021:

  • October: Engaging men for WPS. Masculinities Strategic Initative Workshop

If you are interested in presenting at the Gender Research Group/GPS Centre brownbags, please contact the coordinators.

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