Katarzyna Grabska

Senior Researcher

Katarzyna Grabska
Additional position(s):
Visiting Professor, Institute of Ethnology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Email: katgra@prio.org
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Research Interests


  • gender, generation, youth
  • displacement, refugees, return of dispalced populations
  • access to rights for refugees in urban settings
  • art and activism in the context of war and conflict
  • participatory, arts-based research methods
  • co-creation of knowledge
  • feminist and decolonial methodologies

Recent Research Projects

Geographical Expertise

  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Horn of Africa: Eritre and Ethiopia
  • Europe: Switzerland


Katarzyna is a social  anthropologist, her research focuses on gender, generation, youth, displacement, refugees, return of dispalced populations, impact of war on gender and generational relations, and identities, access to rights for refugees in urban settings, art and activism in the context of war and conflict. Katarzyna has researched since 2002 on displacement and forced migration issues in Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, and Vietnam. She works with visual media, art-based research, feminist methodologies, and participatory methodologies. Since 2002, she has been carrying out a longitudinal study of gender relation transformations among Nuer from South Sudan in Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan and in Sudan, Khartoum.

She collaborates often with artists in her research, and engages with art-based research to understand issues of belonging, displacement, mobilities and identities. She also is a film-maker.


2005 – 2010   DPhil Development Studies/Migration/Anthropology at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK       PhD Thesis: In-Flux: (Re)negotiations of Gender, Identity and 'Home' in Post-War Southern Sudan

1997 – 1999   M.A. in International Relations, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, , Bologna, Italy/Washington, DC

1994 – 1997   B.Sc.(Econ) International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

Voluntary Activities

Board member of the Khartoum American School – 2014-2016, Khartoum Sudan

Board member and founder of the Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation – since July 2017

Board member of Association des Mediatrices Interculturelles (AMIC), Geneva, Switzerland – since June 2018


(2018) Barbara Harrell-Bond: a life not ordinary, documentary: producer, researcher and writer; with Enrico Falzetti.

(2016) 2 Girls, documentary, researcher and producer. Received 10 first prizes – see below; screened worldwide.

(2015) "Time to look at girls: Migrants in Bangladesh and Ethiopia", documentary, researcher and producer.

(2005) "The Art of Flight', fabularised documentary about Sudanese refugees in Cairo, researcher and associate producer, Nomads Productions, June.

(2001) "Frankfuhrter Bahnhof" – documentary about homeless people, research and production assistant, ZDF Television, November.

(1999) The Crash" documentary about the international financial crisis, research assistant and production intern, Washington Media Associates, June.


  • Polish (native), English (fluent), French, German (fluent),
  • Russian, Italian (good knowledge),
  • Arabic: Sudanese and Egyptian Colloquial and Nuer (basic working knowledge)

Media appearances

  • Between the Lines Podcast: S02 Ep 10: Forced Displacement: Why Rights Matter – Lyla Mehta and Katarzyna Grabska. Listen by clicking here.

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All Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Grabska, Katarzyna & Peter Müller (2016) “South Sudanese in Khartoum: The House in Amarat”, Egypte/Monde Arabe, 14.
Grabska, Katarzyna (2015) «Jeunes filles armées, femmes violées, porteuses de valises: les guerres au Sud Soudan »,, Actes de Colloques, Université de Kinshasa.
Horst, Cindy & Katarzyna Grabska (2015) Flight and Exile — Uncertainty in the Context of Conflict-induced displacement, Social Analysis: Journal of Cultural and Social Practice 59(1): 1–18.
Grabska, Katarzyna (2013) ‘The Return of Displaced Nuer in Southern Sudan: Women Becoming Men?’, Development and Change, 44(5).


Grabska, Katarzyna; Nicoletta Del Franco & Marina de Regt (2019) Transitions into adulthood: adolescent girls’ migration in the Global South. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
Grabska, Katarzyna (2014) Gender, Home & Identity: Nuer Repatriation to Southern Sudan. Oxford: Boydell and Boydell.

Book Chapter

Grabska, Katarzyna & An Van Raemdonck (2019) « Savoirs féministes et expertise de genre à l’épreuve des crises de réfugié·es, des déplacements de longue durée et du développement », in Christine Vershuur, ed., Savoirs féministes au Sud : Expertes en genre et tournant décolonial. Paris: Karthala : L’Harmattan.
Grabska, Katarzyna (2019) “‘Wasting time’: migratory trajectories of adolescence among Eritrean refugee girls in Khartoum, in Zabek, Maciej; & Jaroslaw Rozanski, eds, Bilad Sudan. Poland: University of k. St. Wyszynski.