Business and Peace

​​​​​​​​​​​What roles do businesses play in facilitating peace? While business-conflict ties are well-researched, the more aspirational elements of business engagements in peacebuilding - including both operational and philanthropic activities - are less understood. In addition, local, national and multinational businesses all engage with conflict actors differently, which may make for unique opportunities for each as they navigate within conflict and peacebuilding processes. This research group aims to explore the spectrum of business and peacebuilding, from business influences on interstate conflicts to their role in local settings, including both qualitative and quantitative streams. ​

Peace Positive Private Sector Development in Africa (P3A)

​The P3A project will advance the understanding of how, and under what conditions, private sector development exacerbates or mitigates conflict in Africa.

This is one out of five PRIO projects that today have received funding from the Research Council of Norway.

New Book on Business and Sustainable Development

​Can Businesses Play a Role in Peace and Sustainable Development? Today a new edited volume is launched, debating this question in order to provide an essential guide for students, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners on the role of business in peace.

New Project on Islamic Finance and Housing

​Yesterday the Research Council of Norway (RCN) announced that the research project with the title "FINEX: Financial Exclusion, Islamic Finance and Housing in the Nordic Countries" has been successful in the RCN call "Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM)". 

Successful PhD by Elise Must

Elise Must was awarded a doctoral degree in political science at London School of Economics and Political Science Tuesday 13 December 2016. 

Elise has been associated with the Conflict Trends Project at PRIO, and her thesis is entitled: 

  • When and how does inequality cause conflict? Group dynamics, perceptions and natural resources'. 

Members of the evaluation committee included Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (University of Essex & PRIO) and Livia Schubiger (LSE). Thesis advisers were Paul Mitchell (LSE) and Gudrun Østby (PRIO). 


JCPOA and New Opportunities

Today Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif gave an address at PRIO on the the new opportunities that have opened up as a result of the 2015 nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – JCPOA). In his welcome comment, Norwegian Foreign minister Børge Brende emphasized how by this agreement Iran has regained​ its rightful place in the international community, and by the same token the agreement sends out a signal that major international disputes can be resolved peacefully. FM Zarif started out by expressing his condolences for the Americans killed yesterday in Orlando, and he unequivocally condemned​ this terror attack. In his talk the FM eloquently explained how in today’s globalized world a zero sum approach to international pol​​itics brings about negative consequences for all. He praised the nuclear agreement as the example of an opposite approach, one founded on fairness and in which all sides come away as winners. Only agreements of this sort can have long-term sustainability. This deal is irreversible, he stated, adding that it provides a platform for un-tapping the immense potential of Iran’s youthful, well-educated, and entrepreneurial population. 

Both ministers commended PRIO for its sustained efforts at stimulating constructive dialogue between Iran, Norway and other nations. ​

Two New PRIO Projects on the Effect of Aid

​​​​​The Research Council of Norway (RCN) funds two PRIO projects on the effects of aid: “Conflict of Interest? ‘Business For Peace’ as Development Aid in Volatile Environments” and “Aid in Crisis? Rights-Based Approaches and Humanitarian Outcomes”.​

The Cyprus Peace Dividend Revisited

​​​PRIO Cyprus Centre​ is organizing a conference on "Cyprus' Peace Dividend: A Productivity and Sectoral Approach" to discuss initial findings of its research project under the same title.​

The Twitter Stream of the conference: #PRIOCY 

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