Eastern Mediterranean

Interview with Harry Tzimitras, Director - PRIO Cyprus Centre

​"The unfortunate dual calamities hitting Turkey and Greece in the first half of 2023 in the forms of a devastating earthquake and horrendous train crash respectively, revived memories of the summer of 1999, when two major destructive earthquakes hit Istanbul and Athens. What ensued was a great period of rapprochement that lasted for nearly a decade and was characterized by shared feelings of camaraderie between the two peoples, an environment of calmness, mutual prosperity, and international cooperation, bilaterally and beyond."

NEW PCC Report 2/2022 Small, Fragile, and Unequal: Reporting on Women, Peace and Security in Cyprus and Kosovo
Turkish Foreign Policy: The Lausanne Syndrome in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

​In the context of rapid developments in Turkey and its broader geopolitical environment over the past decade, this book examines and conceptualises Turkey’s changing foreign policy towards a more assertive and revisionist paradigm.

Podcast Episode on Natural Resources and Struggles for Power in the Eastern Mediterranean

​Recent discovery of hydrocarbon has exacerbated existing geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. In an episode of PRIO's Peace in a Pod, PRIO Cyprus Centre Researcher Zenonas Tziarras gives an overview of the Eastern Mediterranean, laying out its key players and its recent history, and sheds light on why hydrocarbons are consequential for a region that includes several Middle Eastern countries.

Zenonas Tziarras in ISPI Panel Discussion 'The Scramble for the Eastern Mediterranean'
New Podcast with Zenonas Tziarras

In this episode of The Conversation podcast, Dr. Zenonas Tziarras talks about Turkish foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

What objectives does Turkey have? 

How and why is Turkish foreign policy revisionist? 

What about the conflict and the presence of non-state actors in the region? And what do Turkish actions mean for other regional players?

Zenonas Tziarras talks about the patterns of cooperation and competition in the Eastern Mediterranean

​In this talk for Deep Dive Politics Zenonas covers the international systemic drivers and individual state interests that led to the emergence of the new security architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean. He specifically analyzes the impact of global power shifts on the regional level, Turkish foreign policy, and the factors that led to a closer cooperation among Eastern Mediterranean states. Lastly, the talk covers the prospects and challenges of regional integration.

Harry Tzimitras on BBC World News
Positive Impact of Eastern Med Hydrocarbons Hinges on Overcoming Differences

​In a recent article entitled "Energy and Sovereignty in the new Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean" published in the Oxford Energy Forum, PRIO Cyprus Centre researcher Zenonas Tziarras asks how much of the recent crises can really be attributed to hydrocarbons, given other underlying issues and a history of regional tensions. He argues that hydrocarbons can only have a positive impact on eastern Mediterranean dynamics if the regional states (first) manage to resolve their fundamental and sometime decades-old differences.

Inaugural lecture by Cyprus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides

​Nikos Christodoulides, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, gave the inaugural lecture for the newly established PRIO Middle East Centre on Wednesday 27 November.

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