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Eric Cezne

Eric Cezne

Administrative Coordinator, NCHS/ Research Assistant

Jørgen Carling

Jørgen Carling

Research Professor

Kristian Hoelscher

Kristian Hoelscher

Senior Researcher

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert

Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert

Research Director

Pinar Tank

Pinar Tank

Senior Researcher

Siri Aas Rustad

Siri Aas Rustad

Research Director


Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Hoelscher, Kristian (2017) Institutional Reform and Violence Reduction in Pernambuco, Brazil, Journal of Latin American Studies 49(4): 855–884.
Sandvik, Kristin Bergtora & Kristian Hoelscher (2017) The Reframing of the War on Drugs as a “Humanitarian Crisis”: Costs, Benefits and Consequences, Latin American Perspectives 44(4): 168–182.
Hoelscher, Kristian & Enzo Nussio (2016) Understanding Unlikely Successes in Urban Violence Reduction, Urban Studies 53(11): 2397–2416.
Hoelscher, Kristian (2015) Politics and Social Violence in Developing Democracies: Theory and Evidence from Brazil, Political Geography 44(1): 29–39.
Hoelscher, Kristian & Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen (2014) Urban violence and the militarisation of security: Brazilian ‘peacekeeping’ in Rio de Janeiro and Port-au-Prince, Small Wars and Insurgencies 25(5): 957–975.

Book Chapter

Hamann, Eduarda & Adriana Abdenur (2016) ONU e segurança internacional [UN and International Security], in Jubilut, Liliana; João Carlos Jarochinski Silva; & Larissa Ramina, eds, A ONU aos 70: contribuições, desafios e perspectivas [The UN at 70: contributions, challenges and perspectives]. Boa Vista: Universidade Federal de Roraima (1073–1118).
de Carvalho, Benjamin (2016) The Modern Roots of Feudal Empires: The Donatary Captaincies and the Legacies of the Portuguese Empire in Brazil, in Halperin, Sandra; & Ronen Palan, eds, Legacies of Empire: Imperial Roots of the Contemporary Global Order. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (128–148).
Carling, Jørgen (2015) Making and Breaking a Chain: Migrants’ Decisions about Helping Others Migrate, in Bakewell, Oliver; Godfried Engbersen; Lucinda Fonseca; & Cindy Horst, eds, Beyond Networks: Feedback In International Migration. Basingstoke: Palgrave (156–182).
Carling, Jørgen & Dominique Jolivet (2015) Exploring 12 Migration Corridors: Rationale, Methodology and Overview, in Bakewell, Oliver; Godfried Engbersen; Lucinda Fonseca; & Cindy Horst, eds, Beyond Networks: Feedback in International MIgration. Basingstoke: Palgrave (18–46).

Non-refereed Journal Article

Hamann, Eduarda (2016) A força de uma trajetória [A Path Forged Over Time], Military Review 71(4): 47–62.
Jumbert, Maria Gabrielsen; Kristian Hoelscher; Benjamin de Carvalho & Pinar Tank (2014) Brazil: An Aspiring Global Power, Government Gazette: 80–82.

Popular Article

Leira, Torkjell & Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (2015) Bistandsparadokset Brasil [The Brazilian Aid Paradox], Dagsavisen, 16 November.
Leira, Torkjell (2015) Brød og sirkus, NRK Ytring, 8 August.

PRIO Policy Brief

Leira, Torkjell (2018) Brazil’s International Humanitarian Engagement: The Missing NGO Channel, PRIO Policy Brief, 8. Oslo: PRIO.
Hauge, Wenche Iren (2017) Regional Cooperation in Latin America: The Role of Brazil, PRIO Policy Brief, 9. Oslo: PRIO.
Rustad, Siri Aas & Kristian Hoelscher (2016) Supporting Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in Barcarena, Brazil, PRIO Policy Brief, 26. Oslo: PRIO.
Cezne, Eric & Eduarda Hamann (2016) Brazilian Peacekeeping: Challenges and Potentials in Turbulent Landscapes at Home and Internationally, PRIO Policy Brief, 22. Oslo: PRIO.

PRIO Paper

Horst, Cindy; Jørgen Carling & Rojan Tordhol Ezzati (2010) Immigration to Norway from Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, India, Morocco and Ukraine, PRIO Paper. Oslo: PRIO.

Report - Other

da Fonseca, João Moura M.; Paulo Luiz M. L. Esteves; & Geovana Zoccal Gomes (2015) Brazilian Health and Agricultural Cooperation in Angola: An overview, BPC Policy Brief, 2. Rio de Janeiro: BRICS Policy Center.

Report - External Series

Leira, Torkjell (2017) Brasils vekst og fall [Brazil's Rise and Fall], Hvor hender det?, 15. Oslo: NUPI.

Blog Posts

Several Securities at Stake in Rio?

Posted by Eric Cezne on Thursday, 4 August 2016

This Friday the iconic Maracanã stadium in Rio is set to host the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games. For the first time in South America, the world yet again comes together to celebrate sports, unity and diversity. Against the backdrop of turbulent times marked by all sorts of ... Read more »

Brazil: an Emerging Southern Drone Actor

Posted by Eric Cezne on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

This blog post uses the case of Brazil to reflect on how actors in the Global South now engage with drone technology. This technology has been employed across a series of areas where Brazilian stakeholders are involved or seek to become more involved, both at the domestic and international levels: ... Read more »

The Brazilian Aid Paradox

Posted by Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert & Torkjell Leira on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

While the Norwegian overseas aid budget has been debated intensely here at home, Crown Prince Haakon was recently on an official visit in Brazil, from 16-19 November. Brazil is unquestionably the largest recipient of Norwegian aid, while simultaneously donating aid itself to poorer countries. This paradoxical situation tells us much ... Read more »

Basta! Brazilians Move from Apathy to Action

Posted by Pinar Tank on Friday, 20 March 2015

In Rio de Janeiro, when the going gets tough, the tough… often go to the beach. The expanse of blue shoreline lined with small botecos (bars) is a sanctuary from the troubles of everyday life and according to some Cariocas – natives of Rio – the explanation for their relaxed ... Read more »

Putin tours Latin America, but his fate is decided in Ukraine

Posted by Pavel Baev on Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The upcoming BRICS (a loose political-economic grouping of the large emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit, scheduled to take place in Fortaleza, Brazil, on July 15–17, provided an occasion for President Vladimir Putin to make a lengthy tour around Latin America, starting from Cuba last ... Read more »

An Own Goal in Brazil

Posted by Kristian Hoelscher on Monday, 16 June 2014

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff must see off two fast gaining rivals to win reelection in October. Problems during the World Cup might end up being be her political downfall. With the World Cup underway, the eyes of the world are on the football in Brazil. Off the field though, the ... Read more »